Exclusive Distributor of
Award-Winning Everest Oil

Exclusive Distributor of Award-Winning Everest Oil

Crystal Express Resources Limited is the sole Importer/franchise
owner and exclusive distributor of Everest API licensed
quality lubricants hydraulics and chemicals in Nigeria.

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About Everest Oil

Experience the ultimate in automotive lubrication
with Everest Oil. Our high-performance lubricants
are designed to protect your engine, enhance
performance, and extend the life of your vehicle.
As the exclusive distributor of Everest Oil in Nigeria,
Crystal Express is your trusted partner in delivering

Everest motor oil.

Protect your investment. Increase the life of an engine.

Experience the ultimate engine protection and extended vehicle longevity with Everest Oil.
Our superior formulation combines top-quality base oil and advanced additives to
safeguard your engine’s performance.

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Attention nationwide distributors, wholesalers and
dealers! Take your business to new heights by
becoming a valued partner with Crystal Express.
As the exclusive franchise owner/distributor of Everest Oil in Nigeria,
we offer exciting wholesale opportunities for you to
expand your product offerings and drive profitability.
Contact us today and unlock the potential for success
in the lubricants market.

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Some of our frequently asked questions.

Yes, Everest Oil is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, and more. Our lubricants are engineered to deliver optimal performance and protection across various engine types and operating conditions.

Crystal Express offers exciting wholesale opportunities for businesses looking to expand their product offerings. Contact us today to discuss partnership possibilities and explore how you can become a valued wholesaler of Everest Oil.

We appreciate your interest in becoming an Everest Instant Oil Change Center. Click here to visit on our dedicated page. Where you’d fill a form, so we can get some information about your business and where it’s located. After you submit the form, our team will review it and get back to you. We’ll talk more about what steps you need to take to become an Everest Instant Oil Change Center. We’re excited to work with you and offer oil convenient and efficient oil change services under the Everest brand.

Why You Need To Service Your Car With Full Synthetic Oil

  • Provides Better Engine Performance.
  • Cleaner Pistons-Eliminate Sludge Completely.
  • Better Fuel Economy.
  • Excellent Performance In Extreme Temperature
    (Cold & Hot).
  • Resists Oil Breakdown – Offers Extended Drain
  • Offers Tighter Tolerance (the Gap Between Metal Moving
    Parts) Of Modern Engines.
  • Offers Greater Engine Wear Protection Than Mineral
    And Part Synthetic Blend Motor Oils.

Know the 3 types of engine oil

Mineral OilSynthetic Blend OIlFull Synthetic Oil
Least refinedBlend of mineral & synthetic oil Highly refined under strict condition
Lowest costAverage costHigh cost-value for money
Less protectionBetter protectionBest protection
Low performance Best performance Superlative performance & fuel economy

Join the Everest Instant Oil
Change Network Today!

Ready to take your automotive business to the next level? Sign up today to become an Everest Instant Oil Change Center! Experience the advantages of partnering with us, such as:  access to premium products, discounts, and complimentary products. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to offer efficient and convenient oil change services under the trusted Everest name.