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Synthetic Oils and Mineral Oils, what’s the difference?

I know at some point we’ve all seen the term “fully synthetic” “Synthetic blend” or “mineral oil” on engine oil cans, and you’ve wondered; what could this possibly mean? Which is better for my vehicle? What are the differences? I’m happy to tell you that you’ve come to the end of your search, hang on for a few minutes and we’ll answer all your questions on all the different types of engine oil.

First off, there are actually three types of engine oil these are; Mineral-based oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully synthetic oils, also known as conventional(mineral or regular) oils, synthetic blend oils, and fully synthetic oils respectively.

Mineral-based Engine Oil:

Conventional oil, also known as mineral oil, is derived from crude oil and has been used for decades in various vehicles. While it may not offer the same performance benefits as synthetic oil, it is a good option for most vehicles and is relatively inexpensive.

Mineral-based engine oils have the following benefits:
Low cost: Mineral oil is the most affordable type of motor oil.
Versatile: Mineral oil can be used in a wide variety of vehicles, including older cars, trucks, and SUVs.
Good protection: Mineral oil can provide adequate protection for most engines, even under normal driving conditions.

Synthetic Blend Engine Oil:

Synthetic blend oils, also known as semi-synthetic oils, are a combination of synthetic base oil and conventional mineral oil. This blend offers a middle ground between the performance benefits of synthetic oil and the affordability of mineral oil.

Combination of benefits: Synthetic blends offer a combination of the benefits of mineral oil and synthetic oil. They are less expensive than pure synthetic oil, but they offer better performance than mineral oil.
Good protection: Synthetic blends can provide good protection for most engines, even under demanding driving conditions.

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil:

Synthetic oil is engineered to provide exceptional lubrication and performance benefits. It is formulated using advanced chemical processes, resulting in a more uniform molecular structure compared to conventional oil. Everest Oil offers a range of high-quality synthetic oils that deliver superior protection and performance for your vehicle’s engine.

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil have the following benefits:
Excellent performance: Synthetic oil offers superior performance to mineral oil in a number of areas, including:
Heat resistance: Synthetic oil can withstand higher temperatures without breaking down.
Flow properties: Synthetic oil flows more easily at low temperatures, which helps to protect the engine during cold starts.
Viscosity stability: Synthetic oil maintains its viscosity better than mineral oil, which helps to protect the engine under extreme conditions.
Longer oil change intervals: Synthetic oil can last longer between oil changes than mineral oil.

Here’s a summary of the strengths of each type of oil

Mineral Oil: Low cost, versatile, good protection
Synthetic Blend: Combination of benefits, mid-price, better protection
Synthetic Oil: Excellent performance, longer oil change intervals, the highest level of protection

Choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. While conventional oil remains a reliable option, synthetic oils, and synthetic-blend oils such as those offered by Everest Oil, provide superior protection and performance benefits. Consider the long-term cost savings and enhanced engine longevity when making your decision. Trust Crystal Express Resources Limited as the sole distributor/franchise owner of Everest Oil in Nigeria to deliver the best motor oil for your vehicle’s needs.

Visit our products page to go through our selection of premium synthetic and synthetic-blend oils for your vehicle, designed with superior additives to keep your car running for longer; with oil and performance additives that guarantee the oil performs in extreme weather conditions and remains clean, durable, and effective.

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