Engine Oil and Fuel Efficiency: Saving Money on Fuel Costs in Nigeria

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Engine Oil and Fuel Efficiency: Saving Money on Fuel Costs in Nigeria

With the removal of the subsidy, the price of Premium Motor Spirit(PMS) popularly known as fuel increased almost three(3) times in a few hours and has continued to rise ever since. This alongside our crumbling economy increased the cost of living, with everyone increasing the cost of their products hoping to make ends meet.

As a result, I’ve been on a search for ways to cut down on fuel consumption and save money in the process.

Understanding how your choice of Engine Oil can affect Fuel Efficiency:

There are several ways to reduce fuel consumption, from increasing the air pressure of your tires to driving below or at the speed limit, but most people aren’t aware that your choice of engine oil can also affect fuel consumption and save you some Naira in the process.

You might be thinking, what could be the connection between engine oil and fuel consumption? To understand this, we’ll start by explaining how engine oil works in your car’s engine:

Engine Lubrication: Engine oil serves as a lubricant, reducing friction between moving parts of the engine. Lower friction means less energy is wasted as heat, improving fuel efficiency.

Heat Dissipation: Engine oil also helps dissipate heat, preventing overheating. An overheated engine can consume more fuel, so proper cooling is essential.

Engine Cleanliness: Engine oil helps keep the engine clean by trapping and removing contaminants. A clean engine operates more efficiently, leading to better fuel economy.

Choosing the Right Engine Oil for Fuel Efficiency in Nigeria

Selecting the right engine oil for Nigerian conditions is a crucial step in saving your money, both in the short(fuel consumption) and long run(engine repair or replacement). Here’s how motorists can make an informed choice:

Oil Types: Conventional, synthetic, and high-mileage oils all have their advantages. Drivers should consider their vehicle type, driving habits, and climate when choosing the most suitable option. Here’s a guide to help you pick the best engine oil for your vehicle.

Viscosity Matters: The Nigerian climate, known for its heat and humidity, should also influence viscosity choices. Thicker oils are better suited to hot climates, while thinner oils may be preferable in cooler regions.

Effects on Reduced Engine Friction Concerning Fuel Consumption

The major function of engine oils is to reduce friction between the parts of the engine, thereby preventing wear, and increasing engine efficiency. We know that all engine oils aren’t the same, as there are different viscosity levels, brands, additives, and chemical compositions.

Using lower-viscosity(here’s a link to help you understand viscosity and engine oils) engine oils can further lower the friction levels in the engine, which reduces the amount of energy required to move the vehicle and in turn, reduces fuel consumption.

The right engine oil has a large role to play in terms of fuel consumption as we can see and switching to a lower viscosity engine oil like Everest semi-synthetic or fully synthetic engine oils can make all the difference.

Engine Oil Change Intervals and Fuel Efficiency

Maintaining the right engine oil change schedule is essential, as we know impurities and dirt can greatly harm the engine, by increasing the friction between engine parts that are constantly in motion. This could lead to damage to the engine as wear would increase, but the most immediate impact is that the engine would require more energy to run which equates to more fuel consumption.

Regular Changes: Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals, is important for any machinery as regular changes ensure the engine continues to operate efficiently.

Oil Filter Replacement: Also endeavor to change your oil filters regularly, if not every time you change your oil, but at least during every other oil change. Because a clogged filter can hinder oil flow and reduce fuel efficiency.

Additional Fuel-Saving Tips for Nigerian Drivers

In addition to choosing the right engine oil, drivers can implement these practical tips to save on fuel:

Proper Tire Pressure: Maintaining the correct tire pressure can reduce rolling resistance, making the vehicle move much easier on the road and in turn improve fuel economy.

Minimize Idling: Most of my Lagos people can relate to this, as heavy traffic is a normal thing for us, it’s advisable to monitor the road ahead and turn off the engine when stationary for extended periods to save fuel.

Remove Excess Weight: Drivers are advised to remove unnecessary items from their vehicles, as extra weight increases fuel consumption. Because the vehicle would require more energy to move, so if you have any unnecessary load in your boots, now is a good time to take them out.

Plan your trips: Now this is a trick that everyone needs to learn in these trying times, it’s better to plan your trips into a big trip. Tie together obligations or destinations that are close together in one trip, as much as possible to avoid unnecessary journeys.

The Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria MOMAN, recently shared some more detailed tips on how to reduce fuel consumption by 30% in light of how current situation, on it’s social media. Here’s a link to the social media post.

How Everest Engine Oils Can Help You Save Money

Everest engine oil products are a great choice for your vehicle, as it outperforms conventional motor oil, by reducing friction and wear at start-up and protecting your engine against performance-robbing sludge and varnish deposits.

Crafted using top-tier base oils and premium additives, designed to ENSURE the long-lasting health of your engine, extending the lifespan of your vehicle.

Our specialized oil additives guarantee optimal performance even in the harshest weather conditions, while our high-performance additives work tirelessly to keep the oil clean, resilient, and highly efficient. With the assistance of friction modifiers, we not only enhance fuel efficiency but also maintain consistent viscosity levels, providing your engine with the care and protection it deserves.

Here’s a link to our carefully curated product listing for the Nigerian market, to ensure you get the best for your money.


You can save costs on your fuel consumption, by making any of the changes highlighted in this post, but true fuel consumption can only be achieved by implementing most of these tips into your lifestyle. Also, the importance of using a good engine oil choice goes way beyond its ability to save fuel, provide a better vehicle experience, and fewer trips to the mechanic.

Explore our range of engine oil products or contact us for further information. Don’t forget to share your experiences and questions in the comments section, we’ll be looking to hear from you soon.

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